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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fan Fic: It's Just Me And You.

CHAPTER 1. My life is Ruined

Just when I Tought my life was perfect, A Big news Changed Everything. I Was Gonna Move With my family Far away, Without Time To Say a Nice Goodbye, Without time to plan a good getaway. They  Were taking me To A Place where i wouldn't See My Friends Anymore, Where i Wasn't gonna be able to Go Out With my Boyfriend anymore, Well At Least Not For Now. My Name Is (Yn)______, I Live With All My Family In London, A Nice and Quiet City. And yes, Thanks To  My Parents I Wasn't gonna enjoy This Place Any more. They were taking me to Canada, A Huge Country, A Cold Country and Most important of all, A new Country. I Didn't know absolutly nothing about them ( I Don't Really Pay attention At History or geography class). To Me they were like total strangers.

You: Bye, God im gonna Miss You Guys.

That was all that came out of my mouth when i was saying goodbye to My Besties.We were already in the airport, Ready to Set. I Gave a Last hug to each one of my friends,and i felt tears on my face.
I Entered inside the plane, i waved for the last time, And there, inside the plane, I Felt that It was the end of This Life.. But i was about to Begin A New One.

The Next Day, We arrived to canada. I had red eyes, and a Big Headache, i swear i couldn't Stop crying.We where on the taxi on our way to Stratford, Ontario, A Small Town .The place where i would probrably live the rest of my life..

My new house was sadly Amazing. I Couldn't hide my huge Smile, And i was sopouse To Be Mad at my parents for the next Two Months. Of course, EVERYTHING was they're fault. We where moving here beacuse of my dad's job. -I'm Gonna by you a New Car on your birthday-. Thats All he Tought he had to say to Convince me.
The House Was Huge, on the inside and on the out side. It had blue and white walls, Two big front windows and a Big front door, It had Flowers On the outside, All Type of them, And ther was also a huge space to park the cars.. On The inside, it had 5 Bedrooms, 4 baths and A Huge kitchen and living room. It almost looked like the inside of a castle... I Said Almost.

I locked my self in a room, the one that i picked as mine. It Had Purple walls, a huge mirror on one of them, My One bath, and a Big bed in the middle of the room, also,it had a big window that showed all The Neighborhood. It wasn't that bad. I put my head phones on And I started Dancing like crazy (Sometimes, the music is my only medicine), I unpacked my clothes and all my things,i found a place for everything. After all, my room was starting to look a Little Cute.  After i did that, i took a shower. A loong  loong shower. When i got out i noticed it was already dark outside, So I Dressed up with mi fave pijama; A Cute top that Says ¨ Your Mine¨ And Some cute shorts, All in pink and white. 
I Started dancing again, in front of the mirror, but i didn't notice that my curtains where opened. So i went Over there to close them... When i was on my way i cought someone's eye. It came from a house in the neighborhood. The only thing that i could be sure of, it's that it was a guy. I Could only get to see His smile, A Cute and Charming Smile, then he Hid back his curtains.. Looking at that, i Tought, -Maybe it is not such a bad idea moving to canada-. in that moment i was sure... A new Adventure was Just About to start.