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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CHAPTER TWO: First Day...

I Kept thinking in that smile.. Till My Mom poped me out of my imaginations.

- Mom: ________!! Come Down stairs! Its dinner time.
-You: Im  there In A Minute! ¬¬

I honestly can't have a pacific dream in this house...
I went down stairs, Altough i Didn't Want to Eat.

-you: What's for dinner?
-Mom: I had to order Pizza, All the things of the kitchen are still in boxes.
-Amanda:Yaay Pizza! piizzaa!

Okey, i forgot to mention i have a little sister, Her name is amanda she's 6 years old and she is really anoying sometimes.

-You: Amanda i have a headache, so please, can you Shut up?!!
- Amanda: Mommyyyy, _____ Shouted at mee!
(See what i'm saying ¬¬)
- Mom: Okey girls, that's enough. Go sit on the table.

On the table was already my dad and My Brother Mike; He is My older brother, He's 19 and he's like My BestFriend... When We don't Fight.

-Dad: mm Heey _____ i Forgot to tell you.., you Start School Tomorrow Sweetie.
-You: WHAT! Noo Dad, Your Kidding me.. Like, There's No Vacations for the loong Journey?
-Mom: We don't want you to loose any Classes. and besides, we are all gonna start tomorrow. Your dad on his new job, Mike on the university And me in my new job to, so yees you need to go
-You: OMG You guys really wanna ruin my life. I'm Outta here..

I Grabbed a slice of pizza and went upstairs.  I Can't belive my parents are that desconsiderated. I Meaan, i need Time, time to think what im gonna Do... i turned my tv on, to see if i could clear my mind. Then i fell asleep.

 The Next Day I was woken up by a little anoying Noise..

-. ??? : Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! First Day Of  Schooool :D

Yes, it was amanda ¬¬ Jumping on my bed.


I got up really fast, but before i could catch her, She ran out of my room. So i Slamed the Door. Something Told Me that it wasn't gonna be a very good day.
I Took A Shower, and i put One of my trendy Clothes On:
( http://www.estereofonica.com/wp-content/gallery/miley-cyrus/b-miley-cyrus-in-blue-455499ef5295.jpg )  i let my hair down to, My Long Hair. (Like In The Pic)
I Heard a Car horn. It was my Brother , ready to take me to School..... I Took a big Breath, and i went down Stairs. I was ready, ready to start my New Lifee.

-Mike: Bye sis, Hope you have a Nice day. Call me when your out.
-You: Thanks, oohh  And don't worry, I'll Walk home.It's not that Far.
-Mike: Sure??.... Well okey. Love you Siis, See you Later.
-You: Love you To, Bye :)

I Closed the car door, And i turned around...There it was. My School..

-You: OMG you're kidding me right? Like this is So Damn AWESOME!
-???: mmm Heey, Are you Okey?
-You: Yeah! Of course, Why Woudn't I be....mmm oh,Hi, Oh Sorry. Sometimes I Speak to myself  :$
-???: Hahaha its okay, Me too... Im Brenda. Your new Right? Nice to Meet you :D
-You: Im ______. Nice to meet you to...yes im new,umm so explain me, How am i gonna do to not get lost here?:o 
(Brenda was dressed like this: 
//3.bp.blogspot.com/_TL3kwXYIJaI/SnYPnGjWrTI/AAAAAAAAAHc/Lh9drwUpcwI/s400/Miley-Cyrus_011.jpg )

-Brenda: Well, You may get lost the first day, but You'll get used to it.
-You: Wow, Seriously This is... ( Suddenly i Saw Something, Cute guy, staring at me).
-Brenda: Seriously This Is what??
-You: ummm Sorry But, who's That Guy? :O
-Brenda: Who, The Blonde one?:
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_eIZU09reU7w/TIWQWToKkXI/AAAAAAAAAG8/A8fWbECLGzE/s1600/Cody%2BSimpson.png )
- You: Yees, The Cute One.
-Brenda: Oh, hahha He cought your eye huh? Well he is cody simpson, The Heartbreaker of the school...
-You: oh, umm, Is He? (Thinking Face)
-Brenda:Yuup. (The bell rang) oh! We better hurry.. What class do you have first?
-You: Well, this says i have algebra at First hour..
-Brenda: haha GREAT! me too :D. Come with mee, I'll Show you the way to the classroom.....

Now i was starting to like Canada *-*, He wasn't the guy of the window. But Sure he was cute. ummm I haven't Been with a heartbreaker jet. People say that they are.. Well you know, '' Heartbreakers" haha. Why do they have to be so cute huuh? u.u