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Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHAPTER 3 : There he is...

My algebra class was Boring. And i got mad at my teacher the first moment i entered in the classroom. He told me to stand in front of the class to present myself. And i don't know if i mentioned it before, but i hate it when all the attention is on me.
I spent all the day, from class to class. Meeting new people, seeing cute guys. But i still couldn't Find the smile that Killed me. :(

-You: Okeey, It didn't go that bad today.
-Brenda: Well, you did great. to be the first day.
-???: HEY, brendaa, i've been looking for you all daay,
-Brenda: Heey hunny, oh sorry, i was all day with  ______. She's new, and she doesn't know the place very well yet.
-???: oh Hi :) i'm Christian Beadles.. ( http://spb.fotolog.com/photo/43/19/8/nildah_kary98/1276025700595_f.jpg)
You: Nice to meet you christian :) ..
-Christian: Same ;)mm i gotta go now,  Brenda I'll Call you later okey?
-Brenda: Sure ;) Byee..<3
 ( When he wasn't there anymore)
-You: OMG is that your boyfriend? :o
-Brenda: Not really :(
-You: but im sure you like eachother, i mean, by the way you look at eachother.
-Brenda: Well, i kinda like him. But Nothing yet.
-You: oooh, And ( Suddenly something Interruped me-.-')
-???: WAZZUP Bitchess!
-Brenda: Heey!, You and your noise -.-'
-???: You must be the new one huh? I've heard bout you, your from london right?
-ou:Yeaah its mee, My name is _____. And you are?
-???: Im danielaa :) Sorry bout the noise, sometimes i .... Shout a lot.
-You: oh its okay, Are you and brendas friend?
-Dani: yeaah, we now eachother since kindergarden.
-You: haha oh right. And who told you about where i come from?
-Dani: Cody Simpson:) He said your cute... Just Saying..
-You: WHAT? the cute one? and How the hell does he know where i come from?
-Dani: I don't know. But yees, he said YOU were cute. All the girls are talking bout that. They're jealous, They're Trying to catch cody's eye since they got here.
-Brenda: Oh oh, There goes another one.
-You: What do you mean?
-Brenda: Remember i told you he's a heartbreaker? Well, i wasn't joking about that.

OMG the cute guy, Cody simpson Actually thought i was cute :o That never happend in londen.. . i mean, there were hot guys, But  they were all shy. This seems to be veeery different.
 Brenda happend to live in the same neighborhood than me. So did daniela. I think i saw lots of people that study in my school, in that neighborhood.Well,as it was the first day, I Had no homework.
Brenda dani and i, went home together.. Walking.
 (When we were in front of my house)

-You: Okeey,it's here. Bye girls
-Brenda:Omg, This Is YOU'RE house?
-You: Yeeah. Why?
-Brenda: Its Huge!:o
-Dani: Wow, hey i live in the other street,but i can move here if you want me to ;) hahahah Jk
-Brenda:I Live over there ( Two houses from mine)
-You: omg thats Great. :D hey, wanna hang out here later??
-Brenda,dani: Sure
-You: Well, Meet you on the park at 7 okey?
-Brenda: Yeaah ok
-Dani: haha Sure

In My House:

-You : Heyy mamaaa
-Mom: Hey hunny, how was youre first day?
-You: It wasn-t that bad. By the way, who picked that school for me? Its HUGE :o
-Mom: Actually it was me, isn't it amazing?
-You: Yees :D mm hey mom, gonna go take a shower okey?
-Mom: yeaah of course sweetie.

I took a loong shower again, and when i finished i Got dressed ( http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_KS_eX784csA/TOi9b-I2sXI/AAAAAAAAACc/-rcsbLVHaE4/s1600/ss_bershka_33.jpg ). i Looked in the window, to see if the girls where already there. But they weren't. Instead of them there was this cute guy, He was sitting on one of the park benches. He was looking around, and he saw me. Standing there staring at him. I felt something strange, i know  i've never felt it before. Something that made my heart Go Faster.
Suddenly he Got On his feet and went away. He didn't smile or anything. It was really Strange and uncomfortable. I felt for a minute that i wasn't pretty enough to get his attention..

Down stairs:
-You: Ookeey mom, im outta here. Bye ;)
-Mom: Aren't you gonna eat dinner first?
-You: mm no. Im Gonna eat somewhere with my new friends. They'll show me around here.
-Mom: Oh thats okey. New friend huh? Well, See it isn't going that bad ;)
-You: No mom, it isn't ;) 

I went out of the Door, and i head to the park. The girls weren't there yet, It was 6:45. Maybe i hurried to much. i went to the benches, and i sat there.  When i was looking around, I saw the house where i saw the smile. That Beautiful ant mysterious smile. All the lights where off, it looked like there was no one there. I tought that maybe, i could see the guy again when he gets home, if he arrives before Brenda and dani. But suddenly i saw the girls.

-Dani: Heey Girlfriend, What are u up to?
-You: Heey. *I saw brenda* mm Is she always Like This?
-Brenda: Most of the time :) How are you?
-You: Im great thanks :)
-Dani: Yeah mee to. haha Jk So where do you wanna go?
-You: well, where does everyone hang out here, i mean this city?
-Brenda: Well, that would be the mall that is Five streets from here.
-You: Yees? Well lets go then.
-Dani: My car or your car?
-You: Excuse me?
-Brenda: Do you have a car?
-You: mmm actually no,not yet.
-Dani: Oh, thats okey. We'll go in mine then ;)

The car was parked near the park. So we walked over there and got in the car ( http://www.zcars.com.au/images/2010-mazda-3-sedan1.jpg ) .

-You: Wow, Nice ride.
- Dani: Thanks :) I got it last month, For my birthday.
-Brenda: Yeah Its Amazing.
-Dani: Well girls, lets hit it ;)

I got in the car, and saw threw the window. And YES YES, there he was.. The Guy. He looked at me, and turned around. It was the same guy that was sitting on the park bench, the same that smiled at me, And the same that made me feel Akward... Now he wasn't smiling at me. He just looked, looked and turned around.
Like if he wasn't interested..


  1. First Person to comment YES! lol, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I WANT THE NEXT PART ASAP. **she said nicely** :D

  2. i say definately Yes its so awesomee i need next part :)

  3. Its awesome i love it congrats i cant wait for the next one!!


    I <3 THESE

  5. I like it! is really amazing i never read but now i can't wait to read the next chapter :) This is
    A W E S O M E !! You are really good in this stuff ;D

  6. Hey guys!! what´s going on whith you?? why you hanven´t post the other chapter?? your story is great, is excellent!!T am really interested about knowing the other chapter!! By the way, if there´s any mistake is because I speak spanish, so if there is something that you don´t understand from this comment, just ignore it!!

  7. So sorry we haven't post.And yes we'll keep posting. It's just that we haven't had time enough cause of school and stuff. So sorry guys. We'll post again as soon as we can.

    Brenda Maria and Daniela


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